High Quality Construction?

“…now that his [Sam Brown’s] original contractor, the Benchmark Corporation, has gone bankrupt, the next-lowest bidder is about $1 million higher.

But even cheaper financing won’t completely close the gap, he’s [Brown is] quick to admit. He says he is currently meeting with architects to see about cutting corners on the construction and grading, but he isn’t certain what they will be.” -Aspen Times 3/29/1984

Design, Materials & Construction Defects
(an appended listing)

Causes of Water Intrusion, Rotting Structural Members and Mold

  • Lack of proper flashing (definitely inadequate and installed incorrectly)
  • No venting in attics or crawl spaces (added by owners)
  • No vapor barrier around frame to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Interior vapor barrier placed to retain moisture
  • No overhangs/eaves/flashing in roof design
  • No drip cap above windows

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  • Roof design that creates ice dams [intersection between roof lines and walls=main source of water intrusion] See HERE
  • Windows and doors not sealed (poor or non-existent caulking)
  • Exterior areas and grading designed to draw water towards the building. See HERE and HERE
  • Venting of bathroom moisture and clothes dryers into the building interior (possibly illegal)
  • Drains in shaded areas
  • Tongue-in-groove siding instead of overlapped. See HERE

Causes/Evidence of Failure in Structural Integrity and Durability (Low-end building techniques)

  • 170 units / 13 buildings built in less than 6 months
  • The use of unqualified labor during construction
  • Last minute change from a modular building plan to stick building without a proper blueprint or project manager. (new construction contractor hired less than a month before breaking ground)
  • No uniformity in dimensions between units meant to be uniform.
  • Use of asymmetrically sized studs.
  • Water cut-off valves for individual units nearly inaccessible in crawl space under the building. (Rental units built with valves inside the unit)
  • Walls not plumb.
  • Sewage pipes improperly sealed.
  • Triangular steelwork in covered entryways. (code violation) See HERE
  • Drywall used as firewall on exterior of building and behind siding. (waterlogged)
  • Cantilevered lower deck steps put stress on main building structure. Had to be removed. See HERE
  • 2nd story sliding doors to nowhere leave a 12-foot drop to the ground. (The developer claims the buildings were never intended to have 2nd story balconies/decks. Yet each sale unit includes a sliding exit/entry glass door. Meanwhile appropriate windows are found in each rental unit.)

Owners unit sliding door              Rental unit window

Causes of Energy Inefficiencies

  • Little or no insulation (much became waterlogged and useless)
  • Cheap, inefficient aluminum frame windows, not designed for high altitude application. See HERE
  • Broken vapor seals on windows within first few years and onward. See HERE

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